How to use ENGLISHTEST effectively:


  1. ENGLISHTEST generates random tests:
   ENGLISHTEST is an infinite generator of grammar and vocabulary tests. It feeds on a large database of more than 6,000 sentences classified into 8 levels and 140 different topics. You never get the same test twice and you can learn by a random repetition of sentences.
  2. ENGLISHTEST for self-study:
  By correcting a test without actually doing it, you will be able to see the answers. You can then use the "Retake" button to see the same questions re-mixed. 
  3. ENGLISHTEST search engine:
  At the top of the Homepage you will see a search engine to help you find the topic you want to practice. Just put a word or part of a word that refers to the topic of your choice and ENGLISHTEST will show you a selection of all the related topics.