• Level: Proficiency (CPE/C2)
  • Topic/s: CPE Use of English: Word Formation
  • Number of questions: 10

1. It's perfectly fine to set yourself high goals, Kimberly. But you should learn to recognise when they are , or you could feel terribly disappointed. ATTAIN
2. Far from being by the prospect of having to sing before that crowd, Celine inspected the stage meticulously. AWE
3. Given the dismal scene, there was urgent need for help. DOUBT
4. Unfortunately, Amanda gave a very speech on the subject. OPINION
5. Everyone knew they had to walk on eggshells around the boss if they didn't want to end up like in the company. CAST
6. The country's economy and capacity to create jobs is by the months. WEAK
7. Buy everything you feel is necessary for the party, but without going . You know we don't have a buoyant economy right now. BOARD
8. What Marisa did was totally . She could have done things differently and she wouldn't have offended anyone. JUST
9. Being so well-off, we all found it strange to see how his dwelling place was. ASSUME
10. After the summit, the ministers the importance of maintaining a stable alliance. HIGH
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