• Level: Proficiency (CPE/C2)
  • Topic/s: CPE Idioms
  • Number of questions: 10

1. I ........ from parachuting. It's really exciting and I never miss a chance to practise this sport.
Get my kicks
Get on like a house on fire
Get a head start
2. Daniel realised it was time to ........ when everyone in the room withdrew their support for his initiative.
Call the shots
Call it quits
Keep tabs on it
3. We ....... when the first shark came close to us. We quickly managed to climb up the boat.
Got our kicks
Kept a low profile
Had a narrow escape
4. Sam's inability to empathise with his employees is clearly his ......... .
Blot on the landscape
Achilles' heel
Tools of the trade
5. The blazing fire would have burned down the house had it not been for the firefighters, who, just ........ , arrived and took control of the situation.
In the nick of time
On the spur of the moment
At the drop of a hat
6. Brenda managed to ........ in the world of fashion and now she gets orders from around the world.
Make a name for herself
Fend for herself
Make head or tail
7. Being chosen for an audition was already a success, but being offered the main part was ....... . What else could she hope for!
Icing on the cake
The tools of the trade
Breaking new ground
8. I know you've been wanting to tells us something. Maybe now's a fine time, so come on Joe, ........ .
Get it off your chest
Get cold feet
Get a head start
9. I ........ of Bill's attitude. One day is the friendliest guy in the world and the next day he won't even say 'hi'.
Don't beat around the bush
Can't make head or tail
Won't put a brave face
10. Come on guys! You're ........, aren't you? We can't have won this lottery prize!
Pulling my leg
Keeping the wolf from the door
Counting the chickens before they are hatched
Discard test