• Level: Intermediate (PET/B1)
  • Topic/s: PET Verbs: Present Simple / Present Continuous
  • Number of questions: 10

1. The environment is something that (MATTER) to everybody nowadays.
2. Hi Stacey,
I (WRITE) to you to say thanks for your invitation.
3. The teacher is speaking very slowly but I (NOT UNDERSTAND) anything.
4. A- Come on Ronnan, give me the box of chocolates, now!
B- The box of chocolates ? I don't know what you (MEAN).
5. Please Thelma, give me the pencil. I (NEED) it now!
6. A- Hello mum! This tour around Majorca is fantastic!
B- Really ? (it/INCLUDE) a visit to the Bellver castle ?
7. A- Who is this girl in the picture ?
B- Right now I (NOT REMEMBER). Sorry.
8. The owners of this restaurant (LOOK) for waiters to work in August.
9. I really like this holiday resort. We (STAY) in a luxury hotel.
10. Dear Mrs. Munford,
I (WRITE) about your advertisement in Hello magazine this month.
Discard test