• Level: Advanced (CAE/C1)
  • Topic/s: CAE Word + Preposition
  • Number of questions: 10

1. What role do you think mobile phones play today's society ?
2. Secret agents must never confide anybody. Everything must be kept secret.
3. One can easily find many similarities humans and apes.
4. The housemaid confessed having stolen the jewels from the case.
5. After finishing my degree, I specialised applied linguistics and now I write books about the subject.
6. ... and I believe that this concept is central Einstein's theory of Relativity.
7. Research this field may bring about amazing scientific breakthroughs in the future.
8. In such a noisy environment, it's really hard to concentrate anything here.
9. Jerry loves travelling and he always gets a great deal of pleasure meeting people from far-away cultures.
10. A new drug is being tested to help people suffering Alzheimer's disease.
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