• Level: Elementary
  • Topic/s: ELEM Will / Going to
  • Number of questions: 10

1. I'm afraid your plants (NOT GROW) if you don't water them.
2. Look at those dark clouds in the sky . It (RAIN).
3. A- I've missed my plane. I (GET) home late. B- Never mind.
4. Maybe I (GO) for a walk later.
5. Maybe my father (COOK) paella next Sunday. I hope so!
6. I (probably/TAKE) a walk in the countryside.
7. I (GO) back home as soon as I can.
8. Here's her shopping list. She (DO) the shopping before she goes to work.
9. We can expect rain tomorrow, so I think I (NOT HANG) out with my friends.
10. Our plans for next weekend are easy. We (RELAX) at home.
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