• Level: Upper-Intermediate (FCE/B2)
  • Topic/s: FCE Phrasal Verbs (paragraph)
  • Number of questions: 9

1. A few days later, I Peru. I really early and I comfortable clothes to travel. Then a taxi came to and it took me to the airport. The taxi at terminal one and, to my surprise, my friend John at the airport to .
2. Indeed I bought many presents and I soon money. I suddenly realised that I was my group and I had to run to them. Together, we to the hotel. In my room, I my shoes and on my bed until dinner time.
3. The first thing I did when I my hotel was at reception. There I also the famous excursion to Machu Picchu, but the receptionist told me that the excursion had been until the following week because the bus had .
4. I decided to spend the rest of the day in Lima with some other tourists. I wanted to buy some souvenirs to home. However, it was hard for me to the stallholders because they spoke Spanish. Do you know what "rebajas" ? It means reductions.
5. So after leaving the travel agency, I home to for my trip. I twice to make sure I was not forgetting anything. Since my sister and I well together, I called her to see if she could my flat for a couple of weeks. She agreed and she everything I told her to do.
6. My job is very tiring and I have to a lot of pressure. Therefore, the other day I decided to from it all and all the problems for a while. I went to a travel agency to what offers they had and I a trip to Peru.
7. At the airport I my luggage, and then I my passport and passport control. I waited for a while at the waiting lounge until they called all the passengers to board the plane. Then I the plane and a few minutes later, it . We Lima 10 hours later. I my luggage and I caught a taxi to my hotel.
8. That morning we Machu Picchu. When we got there, everyone the bus. It is such a beautiful place that I really taking lots of pictures. I really showing them to my friends back home. We there for a couple of hours and then the bus to the hotel.
9. I made up my mind to travel to Peru, and after paying for my trip, I left the travel agency. As I was , I my old friend John and I invited him to join me in my trip, but he my invitation because he had a lot of work to in the office.
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