• Level: Advanced (CAE/C1)
  • Topic/s: CAE Use of English - Word Formation
  • Number of questions: 10

1. All club members are expected to show personal to our principles and goals.COMMIT
2. The logging activity around the world is many rare species. THREAT
3. The shipwreck left dozens of dead and only a few could make it to the sea shore. SURVIVE
4. Tom's grandfather passed away last night. His came after a long struggle against an incurable disease. DIE
5. I can't understand it when I hear football players complain of being . PAY
6. The manager's rudeness made many start looking for work elsewhere. EMPLOY
7. The company is determined to improve work systems to increase efficency. APPRAISE
8. The study of many indigenous populations in the Amazon will give us valuable insight into how best preserve their environment. DOUBT
9. I'm afraid you totally my words. I didn't really mean what you thought. INTERPRET
10. Important firms around the world are looking for fresh recruits who can be trained to suit their specific needs. EXPERIENCE
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