• Level: Elementary
  • Topic/s: ELEM Modals CAN-CAN'T / COULD-COULDN'T
  • Number of questions: 10

1. A-Paul, if you want, you go shopping with me.
B- I'm busy mum, I .
2. In my country, you drive at 16, but in other countries you drive until you're 18.
3. A-Mum, I invite a few friends for my birthday ? B- Of course you .
4. I see you clean up the kitchen yesterday, but you do it now ?
5. I'm afraid David finish his homework last night, so he come with us on this excursion today.
6. You go out without a raincoat. Look at those black clouds!
7. Nicole win the tournement last year as she lost in the final.
8. My daughters read at 5 years old but they ride their bikes very well at that age.
9. My dad speak Italian very fluently as a teenager, but now he's forgotten most of it.
10. When I was a kid, I spend hours riding my bike, but now I . I get too tired.
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