• Level: Upper-Intermediate (FCE/B2)
  • Topic/s: FCE Passive with Gerunds & Infinitives
  • Number of questions: 10

1. Obviously, we in the exam.
hint: Obviously, the teachers don't let us copy in the exam.
2. I like on my marks.
hint: I like it when people congratulate me on my marks.
3. I in the classroom during the break.
hint: My teacher made me stay in the classroom during the break.
4. I don't like alone.
hint: I don't like it when they leave me alone.
5. I was happy the award.
hint: I was happy when they gave us the award.
6. The attendees here by the organisation.
hint: The organisation will not let the attendees park here.
7. I felt happy for the team.
hint: I felt happy that they chose me for the team
8. He hopes for the role.
hint: He hopes that they will choose him for the role.
9. They the kitchen floor by their father.
hint: Their father made them clean the kitchen floor.
10. Wayward toddlers hate what they have to do.
hint: Wayward toddlers hate it when we tell them what they have to do.
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