• Level: Pre-intermediate (KET/A2)
  • Topic/s: KET Verbs: Present Simple / Present Cont.
  • Number of questions: 10

1. Shhh! Somebody (COME). Be quiet!
2. A- (you/always/DO) the shopping here ? B-Yes, we often (FIND) good offers.
3. The girls' choir (HAVE) beautiful voices. Listen! They (SING) now.
4. Josh (COME) from Italy. He's from Rome.
5. Jim (LIE) in the sofa all the time. He never does anything!
6. (you/WANT) to go to the cinema tonight ?
7. My father (HAVE) breakfast very early, but my mother (HAVE) it later.
8. A-Hi, John! What (you/DO) here ? B- I (WAIT) for my wife.
9. I love reading. I (READ) a lot of books every year.
10. What (Lisa/DO)? She is a waitress.
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