• Level: Intermediate (PET/B1)
  • Topic/s: PET Causative HAVE
  • Number of questions: 10

1. The town after the carnival.
hint: Street sweepers clean the town's streets after the carnival.
2. She every week.
hint: A cleaning lady cleans her house every week.
3. I by my mother for carnival.
hint: My mother made me a fancy dress for carnival.
4. He .
hint: A mechanic repairs his car.
5. John by a carpenter.
hint: John called a carpenter to open a blocked door.
6. I last week.
hint: A van driver delivered my books last week.
7. She right now.
hint: A painter is painting her home right now.
8. I by my family.
hint: My family organised my birthday party.
9. Aline .
hint: Aline will call a carpenter to repair her door.
10. We at the moment.
hint: A technician is fixing our computer at the moment.
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