• Level: Intermediate (PET/B1)
  • Topic/s: PET Infinitives & Gerunds (rules & expressions)
  • Number of questions: 10

1. Ted knew a place where (SPEND) the night in that town.
2. I had difficulty (FIND) the way to the station.
3. My parents don't let me (GO) out on Saturday nights.
4. Jason spent 2 hours (REPAIR) the car. Fortunately he succeeded.
5. My father can't stand (GET) to work late.
6. It's is always better (SPEND) your time with your friends and family.
7. I need somebody (HELP) me.
8. The only reason for (DO) this is because you like Jane.
9. I wasted time and money (GO) to see the play. It wasn't worth it.
10. They're really interested in (LEARN) to speak English
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