• Level: Intermediate (PET/B1)
  • Topic/s: PET Verbs: Past Simple / Past Cont.
  • Number of questions: 10

1. At 5 o'clock yesterday my friends (play) tennis at the tennis club.
2. The sun (shine) when I (wake) up this morning, so I (go) on an excursion.
3. She (have) breakfast and then she (leave) home and (take) the bus to work.
4. Irina (break) the ladder while she (paint) the wall.
5. When you (call), Emily (study) in her room but Joe and I (feed) the dog.
6. Mary (not earn) much money in her last job, so she (leave) the company.
7. As you (put) the baby to sleep, Mary (ring) to invite you.
8. Where you (go) when I (see) you last night ?
9. Last night Ben (hurt) himself while he (walk) down the stairs.
10. As I (hide) the money under the bed, my sister (come) into the room and (see) it.
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