• Level: Upper-Intermediate (FCE/B2)
  • Topic/s: FCE Reported Speech
  • Number of questions: 10

1. Jane to wake her up at 9 the next day.
hint: "Remember to wake me up at 9 tomorrow".
2. My sister to drive her new car.
hint: "Would you like to drive my new car ?"
3. Mick Sandy that night.
hint: "Shall we phone Sandy tonight ?".
4. My friend never to invite John.
hint: "If I were you, I would never invite John".
5. David's wife call his brother about the dinner.
hint: "Remember to call your brother about the dinner!".
6. She to the theatre.
hint: "No thanks, I don't want go to the theatre".
7. My elder sister me with my work.
hint: "Oh no. No way. I'm not going to help you with your work".
8. I to buy that tv.
hint: "Come on, you won't regret it Paul. Buying this tv is the best decision you can make".
9. The police breaking into the house at night.
hint: "Paul, we know it was you who broke into the house at night".
10. My friend going to see the play.
hint: "The play was really disappointing. I woundn't recommend anyone to see it".
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