• Level: Pre-intermediate (KET/A2)
  • Topic/s: KET Verbs: Will / Going to / Present Cont.
  • Number of questions: 10

1. I'd love to go to the cinema with you this afternoon but I (HAVE) lunch with my boss. Sorry.
2. Oh, Come on! Let's tidy up the living room. Your mother (COME) in 5 minutes and look at all this mess.
3. A- (you/OPEN) the door for me, please ? B- Sure, no trouble.
4. A- Hi Peter, why are you packing your clothes?
       B- I (LEAVE) for the beach tomorrow. I (SPEND) a few day there.
5. Hi Amanda! I (HAVE) coffee with Terry after the class. Would you like to come ?
6. I haven't decided yet but maybe I (WEAR) casual clothes at John's party.
7. Sarah, I (GIVE) a party next Saturday. (you/COME) ?
8. I hope we (WIN) the match but I'm afraid the other team is better.
9. You're so well-prepared for this job, Mark. I'm sure they (GIVE) you the job.
10. Oh sorry Pete. I can't take you to the zoo next Friday I'm afraid. A very important customer (COME) to visit our company.
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