• Level: Advanced (CAE/C1)
  • Topic/s: CAE Use of English - Derivatives (text)
  • Number of questions: 9

1. In my country, different typical festivals take place on a (SEASON) basis. Designers, (CRAFT) and cooks (COMMON) show and sell the outcome of their talent, (GENUINE) produced on the streets of our towns and cities in front of many (LOOK) and passersby. Their (CREATE) inspiration is not only a treat for your eyes but it also represents a major tourist attraction.
2. The (SEEM) endless economic recession made many (EMPLOY) around the country start to wonder whether they would be able to keep their jobs for long. As I was holding my (BOARD) pass ready to get on my plane to London, I (HEAR) this conversation between two other passengers complaining about the many (CONVENIENT) of having to emigrate to try to find work. I perfectly empathised with them since I myself was doing the same.
3. The logging activity in rainforests around the world is (THREAT) not only the (SURVIVE) of many (DANGER) species of plants and animals. It is also (ARGUE) one of the most (COURAGE) scenes to an (ENVIRONMENT)'s eyes.
4. Firms around the world are looking for fresh (EXPERIENCE) recruits that can be trained to suit their specific needs. Tasks carried out (PROPER) or even (CARE) by angry workers may represent a real threat to company operations, and employees who are (WILL) sabotaging the company may be quite difficult to track down.
5. The (ACQUIRE) of this painting by a wealthy collector hit the headlines as it became the (COST) piece of artwork ever. What has remained (VEIL) to this day is the name of the current owner, but what we do know is that the painting will be on public display soon in a New York gallery. Everyone will be able to see it for a modest (ADMIT) fee.
6. Parachuting is one of the most (STRAIGHT) forms of adventure sports there are. It offers a great deal of excitement and (PLEASE) plus all the astonishing views. Nonetheless parachuting has several (ADVANTAGE) as well. Having to use airplanes is anything but cheap, and some parachuters won't hesitate to shift to an activity that's (PREFER) cheaper such as paragliding.
7. We all have (CRITIC) thoughts about ourselves and often our (SAY) lives can seem full of negative attitudes towards us, whether it's a hostile look or a bad (REJECT) .
8. With (SIGHT), I’m utterly convinced that I did really well throwing away all my (POSSESS) from the time I lived in America. I must admit that at first, it was more than (PROBLEM) having to make some decissions on what to keep and what to get rid of, but the help of a good friend turned out to be crucial to do it. His (JUDGE) on the real need to keep certain items proved to be (AMAZE) correct due to his experience moving house.
9. It was announced last Friday that a few (VACANT) have arisen to work as tourist guides in Rome. You can send an (APPLY) form together with your resumee mentioning the foreign languages you speak and your experience in jobs abroad with (CLEAR). Since the candidates will follow a three-week course before actually starting to work, it is essential to hone your language skills in English, Spanish and French (BEFORE). Knowledege of other languages is also advisable. The (RECRUIT) process will begin as early as the first week in April.
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