• Level: Advanced (CAE/C1)
  • Topic/s: CAE Infinitives and Gerunds with Object
  • Number of questions: 10

1. Our platoon forced the enemy (SURRENDER).
2. My husband dislikes me (WORK) so late every night.
3. His disability prevents him (WORK) out with some of the gym's equipment.
4. Our friends invited us (STAY) at their place the whole weekend.
5. Sorry, I didn't mean you (GET) involved in such a terrible mess.
6. She intended me (CLEAN) her condo while she was on a weekend break.
7. Our coach helped us (FULFIL) our full potential before the match.
8. That fatal decision cost the company (LOSE) money.
9. Be cool in class or you risk your students (LOSE) interest in the subject.
10. Please don't go. I beg you (STAY). We need your talent and skills.
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