• Level: Advanced (CAE/C1)
  • Topic/s: CAE Use of English: Transformations
  • Number of questions: 10

1. The deep economic recession was what led Gustav to having to emigrate.
The deep economic recession to emigrate.
2. Students in this country often start learning foreign languages when they are eight.
Students in this country often learn eight.
3. They said in the news that our team had withdrawn from the competition.
They said in the news that our team the competition.
4. They say that a bolt of lightning struck the bell tower and damaged it last night.
A bolt of lightning the bell tower last night.
5. Everyone knows that, if you go to the gym, you can burn calories quickly.
Going to the gym way of burning calories.
6. The new conditions presented to the buyers took them by surprise.
The buyers the new conditions presented to them.
7. My wife and I get on well with our next-door neighbours.
My wife and I our next-door neighbours.
8. "You really must wear this dress to the party" - Gavin said to her sister.
Gavin that dress to the party.
9. They didn't allow me to work because I didn't have a work permit.
I wasn't allowed to work I didn't have a work permit.
10. I wouldn't waste my time asking Carl to help.
It's a hand.
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