• Level: Elementary
  • Topic/s: ELEM There was / There were
  • Number of questions: 10

1. A- Tom, Why didn't you buy chocolate cream in the grocery ? B- Because any left.
2. any knives and forks on the table ? No, only the spoons, I'm afraid.
3. I'm sorry but I just can't remember. an exam last week ?
4. I could buy some tomatoes at the grocery, but any carrots.
5. Nobody could get into the disco. two policemen at the door.
6. anybody else with you when the accident happened ?
7. I only painted half my room green because enough paint.
8. It was easy to park near the station. many cars at all.
9. We went to a pizza restaurant and many different kinds of pizza in the menu.
10. I went to a rock concert last weekend and a lot of people!
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