• Level: Intermediate (PET/B1)
  • Topic/s: PET Conditionals. Types 0,1,2
  • Number of questions: 10

1. If it (RAIN), the streets get wet.
2. John gets really bad marks at school. His parents (BUY) him a new bike if he studied more.
3. You (only CAN) to finish your degree if you work hard.
4. I (NEED) my parent's permission if I want to throw a party next weekend.
5. I (SET UP) my own business if I could find a cheap premises.
6. Look how tall Jim is! If you (EAT) as much as him, you will also grow up to be as tall.
7. If you (BOIL) water, it becomes steam.
8. If they (CATCH) you stealing the watch, you will feel ashamed.
9. If I were you, I (not HESITATE) to tell her that you love her.
10. If I (SEE) a car crash, I would try to help the injured passengers.
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