• Level: Upper-Intermediate (FCE/B2)
  • Topic/s: FCE Relative Clauses (Gap)
  • Number of questions: 10

1. I met Ann at the station bar on a day it was raining.
2. This is the car crashed yesterday.
3. I got stuck in a traffic jam, so I got to work most people had already left.
4. Jeremy, is a top tennis player, is often interviewed on tv.
5. Jane, father is an influential politician, lives in Glasgow.
6. The woman organises the meetings is really competent and reliable.
7. This is the boy fell off the bike.
8. The reason I want to learn English is because I need it for my job.
9. I sent the postcard he had told me.
10. The First Certificate, I passed last year, is a language level from the Cambridge University.
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