• Level: Elementary
  • Topic/s: ELEM Irregular Verbs PAST
  • Number of questions: 10

1. He (HIT) the door hard and it opened.
2. Ted (GIVE) me this book last week.
3. Everybody (DRINK) a lot at the wedding last weekend.
4. Virgina (LEAVE) the restaurant before 10 last night.
5. She (CUT) a piece of paper and wrapped the present.
6. Barça (WIN) 6 championships in 2009.
7. When I told the receptionist my name, he (SPELL) it with W.
8. Amanda (BEGIN) her cookery course last week.
9. When the police asked me, I (TELL) them the truth.
10. Jim (SLEEP) for 12 hours after last week's party.
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