• Level: Proficiency (CPE/C2)
  • Topic/s: CPE Use of English: Word Formation
  • Number of questions: 10

1. After the surgeon had spoken to us, we finally understood our aunt would completely get over her disease. ASSURE
2. Grizzly bears can show strength when it comes to defending their cubs. AWE
3. The election system used to choose a new club president was controversial and a number of were made by some members. ALLEGE
4. Small shop onwners find themselves in an utterly situation having to pay increasingly more tax while sales keep dropping. BEAR
5. When the car production is finish, we send the cars to be sold by approved dealers. SEA
6. The festival success was by the controversy over the music styles that were allowed to play. SHADOW
7. After the summit, the ministers the importance of maintaining a stable alliance. HIGH
8. Even though we all paid great attention to that sound, it was totally to anyone of us. RECOGNISE
9. Having seen the yearly results, his was that some staff members were grossly overpaid. REASON
10. There shouldn't be any problems with the national health system budget as long as all the resources are used . JUDGE
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