• Level: Business English (B1+)
  • Topic/s: BUS Telephoning
  • Number of questions: 10

1. Hello, I've been trying to get through to Mr Wang for the last 15 minutes but the line is ........ all the time. I wonder if you could put me through to him when he finishes his call.
2. A: Good morning. Could I speak to Ms Harris, please?
B: ......... she's not in at the moment. Shall I take a message?
I'm scared
I'm afraid
I feel
3. A: Good morning. My name is David Trenton from Exotic Foods. I need to speak to Pamela Smith, please.
B. Ms Smith is not in her office right now, and I'm afraid she won't be back until 11, sir.
A: Ok, could you tell her to .......... as soon as she gets back to her office. It's urgent.
B: Certainly sir.
hang up the phone
call me back
pick up the phone
4. Hello. You've reached the marketing department. David Burns ........ .
5. To contact my office, please ........ the phone number on my business card.
6. A: Hi Jeff, ........ from ICT. I need a new colour cartridge for my printer.
B: Sure. You can pick it up in 10 minutes.
This is Paul
I am Paul
I know you
7. A: Good morning. Could I speak to Ms Anne Wilson, please?
B: Certainly sir. ...........
Who shall I say is calling?
Who can I tell him?
May I say who is calling?
8. A: Hi, this is Paul Smith. I'm calling about the job offer. Who should I speak to?
B: You should speak to Ms Wilson,but I'm afraid she's not ......... at the moment.
on the line
9. A: Good morning. Could I speak to Ms Harris, please?
B: Yes, sir. I'm ......... .
putting you through
hanging on
calling her
10. You have reached Vidal Furnishings. All of our sales representatives are busy at the moment but we would like to return your call as soon as possible. For information about this month's special deals or to check the status of your order, please visit our website at www.vidalfurnishings.com . Otherwise, ........ leave us a message with your name and number ........ .
you should / and call back later
you can / after the tone
you mustn't / during the weekend
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