• Level: Pre-intermediate (KET/A2)
  • Topic/s: KET Verbs: Past Simple / Past Continuous
  • Number of questions: 10

1. When the boss (COME) in, everybody (WORK).
2. Sarah and her friends (SIT) in the sofa when I (WALK) in.
3. At six o'clock yesterday my father (WASH) the car.
4. (it/SNOW) at half past six yesterday ?
5. Debbie (GO) on a trip to Cuba. She (LEAVE) last Sunday night.
6. A- What (you/DO) at lunchtime on Sunday ?
B- I (LISTEN) to music in my room.
7. A- I (PHONE) you yesterday at 5 but you weren't at home.
B- I (SHOP) in the supermarket.
8. When I (ARRIVE) at the party, Jane (DANCE) with Peter.
9. A- (you/RUN) in the park this morning ?
B- No, it (RAIN).
10. Angela (BE) born in Ireland in 2010.
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