• Level: Beginner
  • Topic/s: BEG Interrogatives & Negatives
  • Number of questions: 10

1. They swim in the sea.
      Interrogative: in the sea?
      Negative: in the sea.
2. You go back home late.
       Interrogative: back home late?
      Negative: back home late.
3. You go to London on holiday.
      Interrogative: to London on holiday?
      Negative: to London on holiday.
4. You send me an e-mail.
      Interrogative: me an e-mail?
      Negative: me an e-mail.
5. She gets into the house.
      Interrogative: into the house?
       Negative: into the house.
6. She has lunch at 2.
      Interrogative: lunch at 2?
      Negative: lunch at 2.
7. She has a shower in the morning.
      Interrogative: a shower in the morning?
      Negative: a shower in the morning.
8. She goes shopping.
      Interrogative: shopping?
      Negative: shopping.
9. Mary sleeps in a hotel.
      Interrogative: in a hotel?
      Negative: in a hotel.
10. You have a meeting today.
      Interrogative: a meeting today ?
       Negative: a meeting today.
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