• Level: Upper-Intermediate (FCE/B2)
  • Topic/s: FCE Narrative Tenses
  • Number of questions: 10

1. Chloe (WAIT) for her boyfriend's call the whole morning when the phone suddenly (RING).
2. We (not/HEAR) of him for ages until he (APPEAR) on tv following his solo crossing of the Atlantic.
3. The contestants (CANNOT COMPLETE) the task when the bell rang, and so they (ASK) if they could try again.
4. Yesterday, my friend David (CALL) me. He was very upset because he (LOSE) his house keys.
5. I (already/TRAIN) for weeks when I (RECEIVE) their invitation to join the team in the Amazon expedition, so I was ready to go.
6. As I (WALK) on my way to work, it crossed my mind that I (DO) the same journey on foot for years.
7. By the time you (ARRIVE), I (READ) three chapters of my new book.
8. My sister (HAVE) breakfast and then she (LEAVE) home to go to school.
9. When the teacher (SEE) you, you (SLEEP) in class. You (SLEEP) for half an hour.
10. By the time they finally (SERVE) us, we (WAIT) for over an hour.
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