• Level: Pre-intermediate (KET/A2)
  • Topic/s: KET Passive Voice: Past Simple
  • Number of questions: 10

1. Active: Many people saw Rudolf near the park yesterday.
Passive: Rudolf near the park yesterdayy.
2. Active: The mechanics repaired the damaged cars.
Passive: The damaged cars .
3. Active: The explorers found an ancient city in the jungle.
Passive: An ancient city in the jungle.
4. Active: Some students didn't understand the lesson.
Passive: The lesson by some students.
5. Active: The museum showed very valuable pieces.
Passive: Very valuable pieces in the museum.
6. Active: The children kept their pencil cases in the drawer.
Passive: The pencil cases in the drawer.
7. Active: My boss sent me an e-mail last night.
Passive: An e-mail to me by my boss last night.
8. Active: It was so dark. Nobody switched on the lights.
Passive: It was so dark. The lights on.
9. Active: Some children drew these faces on the wall.
Passive: These faces on the wall.
10. Active: My grandma grew beautiful flowers in the garden.
Passive: Beautiful flowers in the garden by my grandma.
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