• Level: Pre-intermediate (KET/A2)
  • Topic/s: KET Possessive Pronouns (mine, yours,...)
  • Number of questions: 10

1. This is Andy's car, not Jane's. It is .
2. Caroline, this dinner invitation is for you and me. It's .
3. Those are Peter's headphones. They're .
4. Your scooter is really normal. A lot of children have one like .
5. Mum, Mary's kitten is really cute. I want one like .
6. A- Do you live here? B- No, this is Judith's house. It is .
7. Gina and me have a new tablet computer. It's .
8. That is Adam's pencil case. It's .
9. Come on Ted, give Jim his calculator. It is .
10. This reservation was made by the Smiths. It's .
Discard test