• Level: Proficiency (CPE/C2)
  • Topic/s: CPE Cleft Sentences
  • Number of questions: 10

1. World War II finished in 1945.
It finished in 1945.
2. Maggie told me about your new job last week.
It Maggie told me about last week.
3. My brother needs to buy a new car.
is a new car.
4. The final score exhilarated the crowd.
exhilarated the crowd.
5. The Joneses bought their new car in 2014.
2014 the Joneses bought their new car.
6. This silver necklace was the only thing her mother left her when she died. Use:ALL
when she died was this silver necklace.
7. Mary was given the keys to her new apartment on her birthday.
was the keys to her new apartment.
8. Charlotte is one of the most influential fashion bloggers.
What Charlotte fashion bloggers.
9. The final score made the crowd hilarious.
was the final score.
10. The hotel receptionist told me the same thing. Use: THAT'S
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