• Level: Advanced (CAE/C1)
  • Topic/s: CAE Use of English - Open Cloze
  • Number of questions: 10

1. The butterflies in this biology exhibition can be classified ten different species.
2. My brother and his friends bought an old car once, they took it and then tried to put it back together.
3. Irrespective his father's position, the president's son invited my brother to the presidential palace to play.
4. My brother and a more kids who had gone there to play found there was a big birthday cake on the table.
5. Some pundits say that the Internet has opened up a new ballgame of possibilities in terms of international trade and banking business.
6. In the science lab, it was found that, simply altering the order in which the elements were mixed, the resulting product was perfect for their purposes.
7. Working alongside the top scientists of my university meant learning a great about industrial hydrogen's applications.
8. ... and as for Jeffrey, what the board valued highly was his performance and the effort to achieve the firm's objectives.
9. If you enjoy your holidays by the sea, come along to of our several resorts on the Catalan coast.
10. As a doctor, I can tell you that no what you do with these patients, they stand little chance of survival.
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