• Level: Proficiency (CPE/C2)
  • Topic/s: CPE Idioms
  • Number of questions: 10

1. Come on guys! You're ........, aren't you? We can't have won this lottery prize!
Pulling my leg
Keeping the wolf from the door
Counting the chickens before they are hatched
2. You'll have to ........ when they find out what you've done, so the sooner you own up the better for everyone.
Follow your nose
Take a shortcut
Face the music
3. I've been looking forward to going to this festival for ages, so I'm going to go ......... . Even if I feel a little sick.
At the drop of a hat
Come rain or shine
In the nick of time
4. Clair was ........ eating the chocolate cookies in the kitchen.
Caught red-handed
Kept a low profile
Down in the dumps
5. Sorry but I'm not going to spend all my savings to buy a new car only ........ . It would be insane!
To keep the wolf from the door
To keep our fingers crossed
To keep up with the Joneses
6. Tax inspectors have been ....... for many a small business in this neck of the woods.
A thorn in the side
An act of God
A sight for sore eyes
7. Mum will ....... when she finds out we ate the cake she made for the guests.
Make my day
Take my breath away
Hit the roof
8. Even though Peter is rather a flexible boss, he won't allow anyone to ....... for him. That'd be crossing the red line.
Call the shots
Call it quits
Call it a day
9. Come on Boris! ........ . Tell me that I've won the award!
Make my day
Take my breath away
Hit the roof
10. My friends and I scarcely watch football together. Only ......... .
Once in a blue moon
For the time being
In full moon
Discard test